Celebrating Purity

Botanical & Toxin Free Ingredients
Ethically Sourced & Cruelty Free.

Celebrating Purity

Know Your Skin Type

Different skin types have different nourishment needs based on genetics, age and exposure to external factors. Our products are formulated to cater all skin types.

Know Your Skin Type

Listen to your skin.
It tells you a story.

Targeted skincare products for your specific needs.

Listen to your skin.
It tells you a story.

Invest in an Honest Skincare regime with Rare Chemistry

Healthy skin requires ‘daily rituals’ and the ‘right’ combination of ingredients. This has the same effect that meditation has on the mind or a healthy lifestyle on the body.

Environmentally Conscious

Rare Chemistry’s products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, paraben free, dermatologically tested and ISO & GMP certified.




No Animal

No Harmful


No Artificial


Unearth the Luxury of Purity

Combining the knowledge of traditional ingredients and the science of dermatology, we have carefully blended pristine ingredients sourced from all over the world to ensure holistic and enduring skincare regimes that cater to women of all ages and skin types.

Rare Chemistry products restore and maintain the balance of the skin's delicate microbiome and gently nourish the skin for that youthful glow. These spa-like luxurious products will leave you feeling pampered, nurtured and heavenly.

Sustainably Sourced Natural Ingredients

Our formulations use ethically sourced, time tested natural ingredients, deeply rooted in traditional cultures. They adhere to the highest standards of purity, and are blended in the right proportions, for high quality, result oriented products.

What Our Customers are Saying

I absolutely love Blemish Rescue Night Gel from the Clean Essence range from Rare Chemistry. I have really oily skin, and I have found that using this gel consistenly has really helped control that. It doesn’t feel greasy on my skin, and also feels hydrated. I could feel how bouncy and refreshed it left my face and which was a vast contrast from how dull it used to become throughout the day. I love how well it complements with the other serums I’ve been using. Highly recommend for anyone dealing with acne!

Paridhi Jaiswal

The entire combination skin range by Rare Chemistry works really well for tricky skin type. My skin’s natural moisture levels often keep fluctuating due to various factors such as the weather, but as the name suggests the Balancing day cream and the Balancing night cream truly leaves my skin feeling hydrated without stripping my skin’s natural moisture or making it very sticky either. My personal favourite product from the range is the Purifying face scrub, It’s become an essential part of my skin regime, the best part about it is that it exfoliates my skin super gentle without any sort of irritation and leaving my skin feeling really clean and supple plus the fresh cucumber infused fragrance wins extra brownie points as it helps me feel calm and refreshed!!

Kopal Mandloi

Day 2 of using the Combination Skin day cream – I find it super light and it stays all day long with one application. Super happy! – honest review

Gopika Menon

Rare chemistry is indeed a rare find. It’s rare to find such a lovely combination of texture, creaminess, smoothness, fragrance, non damaging and highly effective in any one brand. I actually got quite a few compliments, at my age of 48, for a clear and glowing skin. The age defying night cream is a smooth creamy non sticky cream which works wonders for the aging skin. The face polish scrub has a lovely scrub effect but without the coarseness and damage to skin..it feels like a moisturiser with scrub. The intense hydrating day cream is like elixir for the skin…keeps the skin looking hydrated, glowing and moisturised the whole day long…no dryness at all.

Dr. Orpah Kalel

The Moisture Balance Night Cream from Rare Chemistry makes my skin feel so pure and refreshed after cleansing. The smell is also amazing 😍


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    Find The Right Match For Your Skin

    Positive Reinforcement

    Invest in yourselves through daily rituals to feel empowered, confident, and celebrate your uniqueness.

    Women Empowerment

    Women have passed down traditional skincare rituals through generations in Indian culture. Our brand taps into this philosophy to offer an authentic sensorial experience.
    We strive to recruit a predominantly female work force based in India and aim to donate part of our profit towards charities that provide workplace training for women and education for the girl child.

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