Be Real, Be Rare

Be Real, Be Rare

Who We Are

Rare Chemistry is founded on the belief that true skincare lies in daily rituals and self-care. Co-founded by Dr Neeta and her daughter Rhea, our brand essence emanates from the mother-daughter duo inculcating ritualistic skincare in their daily routine.

Be real, Be rare! something that has been passed on from one generation to another prompted us to formulate products that nourish from within. To strengthen our purpose, we also have an experienced cosmetic dermatologist, who has been dedicated to the cause of skin positivity.

Our Core

Our brand believes in internalising beauty and nourishing the skin with love. We aim to share timeless skincare rituals with modern scientific advancements. Taking skincare to a new level, we deliver easy and mindful rituals by combining rare botanicals to enhance your skin’s natural health.

Our philosophy lies within systematic skincare having the same effect meditation has on the mind. Rare Chemistry is about honest skincare that nurtures both the ‘mental’ and ‘derma’ core. Our products are ethically sourced, cruelty-free, paraben-free, dermatologically tested, and ISO & GMP certified.

In essence: "Be kind to yourself and use products that are kind to your skin and others!"

Our Purpose

Our purpose is to encompass positive reinforcement and women empowerment.


Our brand promotes positivity by formulating products that encourage self-care as a daily ritual. Our goal is to reinforce self-acceptance, self-importance and self-indulgence.

Pause and Introspect

We believe that mindful skincare is a gradual process towards accepting differences while celebrating the uniqueness of your skin.

Know Your Skin, Know Yourself

Our products with their unique blends are culturally backed and scientifically proven. Elevated by refined botanicals, they will make you feel loved and pampered.

Women Empowerment

Our company's backbone comprises of resilient women who endeavour to give back to society. Rare Chemistry strives to employ a predominantly female workforce based in India.

We celebrate the uniqueness of all women through our range of ‘skin types’ and have created products with the inherent message ‘AS RARE AS YOU!’

In our endeavour to give back to society, we also aim to donate part of the company's profits to charities that provide workplace training for women and education for the girl child.

State-of-the-Art Derm Centre

Equipped with superior pharmaceutical-grade production standards, our derma-centre converts carefully sourced ingredients into magical skincare formulations.

Our products are dermatologically tested, cruelty-free and are environmentally conscious with no harsh chemicals.

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